Let's build the future,

Bloom is a small, remote-first, bootstrapped venture studio looking for a business-focused entrepreneur to join our team for the long-haul.

We started Bloom because we wanted to create value, on our own terms (hunting zebras not unicorns).

We've got a team with a strong web development background who loves to make things (a bit too much?). We deeply respect the value of customer development, it’s just not our forte, so we are seeking a new member to round-out our team.

Heads up:

The Role

This is what we think we're most in-need of right now, but, if that's not exactly what you'd like to be doing, but you do like the idea of working with Bloom, please reach out anyway!

Some of the Things We're Working On

Qualifications / Experience

The Company

Bloom is a venture studio, where entrepreneurs collaborate across ventures. It's a vehicle to support our members in creating value together.

Several years ago, after a failed startup, a group of friends got together, knowing we wanted to work on something together, but didn't know what. We believed that 5 people collaborating across 5 ideas is better than 5 working solo, and it's also better than 5 people committing immediately to one project. We began to collaborate on various projects, exploring and evaluating various ideas, occasionally taking on consulting work.

Over the years, members have come and gone, many projects have been started and abandoned, and we've learned some things that work better than others. We also had to come up with a new way to "do equity", because the classic approach didn't fit well with "many different people working different amounts of time on many different ventures". And we learned a lot about ourselves.

Why does Bloom exist?

Some Bloom Things:

Some cultural tidbits:

The Weirdos You'll Be Working With

How to Apply?

Shoot raf@bloomventures.io an email, or book a time to chat.